The Hardest Part of Being a Vehicle Dweller

The Hardest Part of Being a Vehicle Dweller

I get this question often - at least a few times per month in emails from members, on behalf of friends, acquaintances, etc.

Many assume - wrongly - that the hardest part of living in a vehicle is not having a bathroom, shower, room to stand up and walk around, the lack ample storage space, and a multitude of other things.

And don’t get me wrong, all of those (and a bunch more) ARE somewhat drawbacks when it comes to being a full-time vehicle dweller. However…

They’re not hardest part by a mile.

The Greatest Journey Begins with a Single Step

To be sure, the absolute hardest, most difficult, challenging component to tiny living is this…

Getting started.

Many have the dream of living in a vehicle - or perhaps the need, based upon a challenging financial situation they are in - but no matter the reason, very few actually make the leap.

Fear holds most people back. Fear of the unknown, fear of discomfort, fear of embarrassment, fear of failure, and so forth. Not just when it comes to vehicle dwelling, but life in general.

Matter of fact, I would bet my bottom dollar that many readers of this very blog are holding themselves back out of fear. How can I be so confident, you ask? Because it’s normal. Being afraid is part of being human.

What’s Your Move?

Now that we’ve recognized the WHY behind your hesitations, let’s take it a step further.

Right now, all over the world, there are thousands upon thousands of people who are living in a car, minivan, SUV, camper, or some other vehicle…including me.

This should serve as crystal clear proof that being a vehicle dweller IS indeed a viable way of living. One can not only survive, but also thrive (quite well) in a vehicle home.

Is it for everybody? Absolutely not. Does this lifestyle come with many challenges? You bet! But it’s also my personal opinion that most people can do this if they really want (or need) to.

The video below is from one of my physical therapy sessions last year. As you can see, my walking is still very compromised, even though my stroke was a few years ago. 

This video should serve as proof & motivation that if I can live in a vehicle, almost anyone can!

The KEY will be getting over your fear. This requires bravery and taking a leap of faith. The simplest way of attacking your fear?


Just do it. Make the first step. Start small if you’d like, but do something.

I HIGHLY recommend trying at least a few trial runs in your car (or a friend’s or relative’s) before setting out full-time.

Bring along supplies to last for a weekend and sleep in the vehicle from Friday to Sunday at a campground, rest area, or big box store parking lot that’s close to your home.

This is not only great preparation, but it will also allow you to decide if you have the temperament & personality suited for this lifestyle.

Make a Plan & Stick to It

Living in a vehicle is really not that different than living in a house or apartment, it’s only a lot smaller.

However, there are certain things you’ll need to learn, items to buy, and best practices to get used to if you want to ensure the smoothest possible existence on the road. And here’s the great news…

You can get all of that information FREE by studying this blog.

If you haven’t read it already - or you’re a newer member - here’s a full tutorial about how to live in a car from A to Z.

There are a lot of other websites and ‘gurus’ out there who charge for this type of knowledge, because yes, it IS that valuable. But it’s here for the taking at zero cost, and you can use it to educate yourself on this amazing lifestyle.

So don’t waste it. If you haven’t already, start putting a plan into motion. Then read all you can on here and watch lots of videos on places like YouTube & TikTok. 

Go on a few few trial runs as I suggested above to stick your toe in the water before committing 100%. Make a list of all the interesting places you’d like to travel to. Research the gear you’ll need to make your home-on-wheels as comfortable as possible. In short…


Like anyone else, even though I live in a car, I too have both good days & bad days. However…

When all is said and done, I pay NOTHING for rent, my stress levels have substantially decreased by not having large financial burdens, and I get to travel anywhere and come & go however I please. That is true freedom.

And you can enjoy the same way of living. But you need to put a plan into motion first, and then take action. It’s not exactly rocket science, and as I’ve said, there is nothing to fear except fear itself.